SALT - Southern African Large Telescope

Encarni Romero Colmenero

SALT Astronomer

Encarni was born in Elche, which is a fairly large town in Spain near Alicante, next to the Mediterranean. She did her degree on Physics with Astronomy at the University of Southampton in the UK, followed by a Ph.D. in Astrophysics on the X-ray and Optical Properties of Narrow Emission Line Galaxies at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (also in the UK). After a short stint as a systems administrator, Encarni became a postdoc at the South African Astronomical Observatory and soon joined the SALT team as the first SALT Astronomer.


Encarni's research interests lie in several fields: Narrow Emission Line Galaxies, Active Galactic Nuclei and Cataclysmic Variables. She is married to Stephen Potter (SAAO astronomer and local PI to RSS) and they have two small children and a dog. In her spare time, Encarni enjoys the outdoors and wildlife, she is a scuba-diver and she has a blue belt in Taekwon-Do (ITF).