MASTERS of the Universe

MASTERS of the Universe   The MASTER-SAAO robotic optical transient detection system consisting of two 0.4m telescopes. Following the installation of the robotic MASTER SAAO optical transient detection system in December 2015, some 27 new transients have been detected. Of these 19 are new cataclysmic variables (CVs), 2 were supernovae and 6 were unclassified transients. […]


SA Comet Discovery

First South African Comet Discovery in 37 Years The first image of Comet C/2015 G2 MASTER taken by the MASTER-SAAO telescope on 8 April 2015. The image was produced from adding together four exposures taken in different coloured filters to produce a colour image of the field. In the early hours of the 7th April, […]