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Supernova remnant DEM L241

This eerie looking gas, named DEM L241, in the Large Magellanic Cloud some 160 000 light years away, is a remnant of a Supernova explosion. Find out more about it by reading our article on supernovae and their remnants.

Credits: Petri Vaisanen and Veronica van Wyk

Supernova in Centaurus A

A supernova, a star that just ended its life in an explosion, was discovered Feb 8, 2016 in a nearby galaxy known as Centaurus A. Read more about the discovery in our official news article.

Credits: Éric Depagne and Thea Koen

Looking into the Carina nebula

This picture of the inner part of the Carina Nebula is a composition of pictures taken with three different filters by SALT. The over exposed group of stars to the right of the centre is Trumpler 14, a young open star cluster inside the nebula.

Credits: Petri Vaisanen and Veronica van Wyk

The Moon from my balcony

Copyright © Bindu Naidoo from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

SALT in Vivid Colours

Copyright © Wynand Basson Images

First Light: NGC 6152

Copyright © SALT

First Light: NGC 6744

Copyright © SALT

First Light: NGC 6530 (Lagoon Nebula 2)

Copyright © SALT

First Light: The Lagoon Nebula (Central Regions)

Copyright © SALT

First Light: 47 Tucanae

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