Video Gallery

Science Highlights 8

Prof. Michael Feast and Prof. Patricia Whitelock talk about their study of Cepheid variable stars.

Science Highlights 7

Dr. Sudhanshu Barway talks about some of the interesting features of lenticular galaxies.

Science Highlights 6

Liz Bartlett, a postdoctoral fellow at UCT, talks about her research of high-mass X-ray binary systems and PhD. student Itumeleng Monageng shares his work studying a sub-class of these systems called Be/X-ray binaries.

Science Highlights 5

Dr. Patrick Woudt explains how they used SALT’s High Resolution Spectrograph (HRS) and Robert Stobie Spectrograph (RSS) to study the evolution of novas.

Science Highlights 4

Dr. Brent Miszalski and Prof. Joanna MikoĊ‚ajewska discuss the composition and dynamics of binary star systems.

Science Highlights 3

SAAO director Dr. Ted Williams and PhD. student Blaise Tapsoba discuss the various methods they use to measure the motions of the galaxies.

Science Highlights 2

Dr. Petri Vaisanen talks about cool stars and the solar system’s recent close encounter with one.

Science Highlights 1

In this part Dr. David Buckley and PhD. student Hannes Breytenbach discuss magnetic cataclysmic variables and how they were able to make use of SALT’s high time resolution capabilities to observe a system of this type.

A Day in the Life of an Astronomer

A SALT astronomer takes us through her observing run at the telescope.

SALT in 59 seconds

A night of observing compressed into one minute.