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Fabry-Pérot Imaging Spectroscopy on SALT   Spectroscopy is the most important tool for an astronomer.  It unlocks the hidden characteristics of objects too remote to be studied directly – things like the chemical composition of stars, the temperature, pressure and motion of interstellar gas clouds, the structure and mass of galaxies, and much more.  A […]

Creating colour images

Creating colour images in astronomy   Image: an RBG image of NGC 1365 created by Dr Marissa Kotze, taken using SALT. Images with telescopes are taken in various filters and are then combined to create colour composites like the one above. The Great Barred Spiral Galaxy (NGC 1365) lies in the constellation of Fornax (the Furnace) […]

The Evolution of Galaxies

The Evolution of Galaxies   On a clear dark night, the view of the night sky from Sutherland is spectacular. An arch of light known as the Milky Way stretches overhead. This is the light from thousands of stars in our galaxy, seen from our unique perspective within the galaxy’s stellar disk. Our Milky Way […]

Newsletter July 2017

News from the SALT operations team   The latest news from SALT: newsletter_july

Board Response to External Review

Board response to external review   Recommendations by an External Review panel and the response by the SALT board: June 2017

SALT External Review

SALT Five Year Review 2016   The report by the external review committee: Report

Newsletter Feb 2016

News from the SALT operations team   Latest news items include info on the completed HRS pipeline, results from the SALT survey and feedback from the SALT data reduction workshop: salt_newsletter_feb2017

An unusual nova, possibly in Sagittarius

An unusual nova possibly associated with the Sagittarius stream   Novae are stellar explosions that take place in binary stellar systems. During these explosions, the star’s brightness increases by many orders of magnitude, and then fades to its initial brightness, and the system survives the explosion. A team of SAAO astronomers led by an SAAO […]

Supernovae & their remnants

Supernovae & their remnants   A bright Supernova (SN) candidate was detected by an automated SN survey called ASAS-SN using a small automated telescope in Chile in the morning of Sep 21st.  The new source was in a galaxy NGC 613, a barred spiral galaxy some 70 million light years away in the constellation of […]

Newsletter Oct 2016

News from the SALT operations team   Highlights include some great news from the August stand-down period and from our new edge-sensor system: salt_newsletter_oct2016