Meet the team: Dr Christian Hettlage

Sep 22, 2017

by Dr Christian Hettlage

Meet the team: Dr Christian Hettlage


After studying at the University of Göttingen in Germany, Christian came to Cape Town in 2006 for three months in order to help with the PIPT. Three months turned into six, a year, and he somehow still hasn’t left, (editor: which is excellent news for SALT!) That gives him the opportunity to work on the PIPT, dabble with the Web Manager, help with Open Nights, and reply to emails sent to salthelp.

When he’s not busy with his work, he enjoys reading books and going for a run. He thinks that his age of 42 would be a good reason to try a marathon, but still needs some persuasion in this regard. One of his flaws is that after so many years he hasn’t managed to master the click sounds in the South African language isiXhosa.