This large SALT program is aimed at studying “things that go bang in the night”, namely transient objects in the Universe which either are newly discovered objects, or known objects who suddenly change their appeatance. Such things include binary stars with accreting compact companions, many of them X-ray or gamma ray sources, eruptive stars which suddenly brighten, black holes systems, including active galaxies powered by them, and all manner of explosions including the most energetic of all, gamma ray bursts.



Scientific papers using data produced by SALT.

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  • 2020-1-MLT-002

    HRS study of long-period eclipsing binaries: towards the true mass-luminosity relation. Step two.

  • 2020-1-SCI-032

    Calibrating global parameters and interior structures of massive stars

  • 2020-1-SCI-002

    Probing a galaxy assembly history for the counter-rotating disc galaxy PGC 066551

* Observation titles do not imply any actual discoveries.

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