The Southern African Large Telescope

The largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere

SALT is situated at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) field station near the small town of Sutherland, in the Northern Cape province, about 400 km from Cape Town. SALT is currently funded by a consortium of international partners from South Africa, the United States, Poland, India and the United Kingdom. The telescope has been in full science operation since 2011 and is realising its huge potential as Africa’s Giant Eye on the Universe.

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The SALT Annual Report 2020 (also available as a high resolution pdf) includes science highlights, an introduction to the SALT partners, operations news and feedback on outreach & education....

Combined observations by eROSITA, the main instrument aboard the Spectrum-Röntgen-Gamma (SRG) satellite, and the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) have led to an important discovery.  Two apparently normal galaxies observed......

  At their November 2019 meeting in India, the SALT Board commissioned a study to explore the feasibility of pursuing the development of the SALT mini-tracker concept. The study report, along......

SALT’s Stategic Objectives The brochure outlines SALT’s strategic objectives ranging from enabling world-class science to driving human capital development....

Astronomers using the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), have measured the rotation of some of the largest spiral galaxies, spinning at up to 570 kilometres per second! Their rapid spin......

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